Our Services - Lawn Care

DARCO Property Maintenance LLC offers a wide range of lawn care services. We provide them to home owners, subdivisions, condominiums, and in some occasion commercial properties. With the top grade mowers that we use, a perfect cut lawn is guaranteed.

Mowing is provided on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on your lawn’s particular needs. We use blowers to blow-off the driveway, sidewalk, and decks so there aren’t any grass clippings left behind when we leave. Edging a sidewalk or driveway gives a lawn a crisp, well maintained look. We have the ability to trim and shape small bushes and hedges to suit your needs.

With the spring and fall season, comes the need to remove leafs. The left behind and new fallen to the ground leafs; we recommend to our customers our Spring/Fall Cleanup service.

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"DARCO… thank you for the house wash. Excellent work. House looks great and gutters look like new."

George S.
Farmington, CT

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